The Roseline is the musical moniker of singer/songwriter, Colin Halliburton, and a myriad collaborators. Over the course of ten years and five albums, The Roseline has forged a sound that is at once familiar and singular. Halliburton describes the music as "somewhat literate, midwestern, alt-country, bummer music with a hint of hope."  
The full band and Halliburton, solo, will be touring the US and abroad in 2017/18 in support of the new album "Blood" which will be released on October 6th, 2017. They will play your living room, basement, back yard, art space, church, synagogue, mosque, bar, club, theater, stadium, or festival. 


Publicity: Working Brilliantly // Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus // 951-468-4372 //

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