The Roseline is the musical moniker of singer/songwriter Colin Halliburton and myriad collaborators. Six albums into their career, The Roseline has crafted a songbook that is at once familiar and singular. Halliburton began the project in Lawrence, KS in 2005 as an acoustic three-piece and it has since evolved into the five-piece, indie, heartland, Americana, folk-rock band of its current form. Kind foreign press and high charting on the Euro Americana Chart ('Lust for Luster', 'Blood' and 'GOOD/GRIEF' all charted in the top ten), led to a deal with the Dutch label, King Forward Records. The band has also had the good fortune of getting sync placements in indie movies and major television shows such as ABC’s 'Nashville' and 'Resurrection', as well as USA’s 'Queen of the South'. The Roseline has been featured on/in NPR, Pop Matters, American Songwriter, The Bluegrass Situation, and No Depression. Halliburton also performs solo under The Roseline name and has embarked on two extensive European solo tours thus far..

Their newest album is titled 'GOOD/GRIEF'. The song cycle was born, largely, in response to the death of Halliburton's best friend (and keyboardist/musical co-conspirator in The Roseline), as well as the loss of his mother-in-law to suicide. The album finds Halliburton exploring themes of the grieving process, love & marriage, elder-millennial existential dread, politicized rage, drugs, and mortality. Sounds fun, right?! It's not all doom and gloom though. Halliburton manages to inject hope and humor into the most sordid and sour of topics. 

Lyrics aside, the sonic spectrum has been elevated and widened on 'GOOD/GRIEF' thanks to the addition of Bradley McKellip on guitar, Colin Jones on bass, and Heidi Gluck on keys and vocals. Drummer Jim Piller and guitarist Kris Losure return as sturdy and steady mainstays of the band. Guest appearances from lap steel player Mike Stover, pianist Dan Loftus, and vocalist Chase Horseman only further the expanse of the ornate tapestry of sounds. The album was recorded at Element Recording Studios in Kansas City, Missouri during the Summer and Fall of 2019. The entire ship was steered by the steady hand and aural expertise of Joel Nanos who engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered (and SANG!) on the album. In their humble (and entirely unbiased) opinion, 'GOOD/GRIEF' is their finest work to date. Available on CD, vinyl, and on all streaming services on April 3rd, 2020.