The Roseline (pronounced rose like the flower, line like a straight line) is a band from Lawrence, Kansas USA. Eight albums into their career, they have crafted a songbook that is at once familiar and singular. Founder and principal songwriter, Colin Halliburton, began the project as an acoustic folk trio, and it has since evolved into the five-piece heartland rock band of its current form. Kind foreign press and high charting on the Euro Americana Chart ('Lust for Luster', 'Blood', 'GOOD/GRIEF', and 'Constancy' all charted in the top ten), led to a deal in the Benelux with Dutch label, King Forward Records. The band also released one album, 'Vast as Sky’ (2012), with the Bay Area label Ninth Street Opus. With those exceptions aside, the project has largely existed as a truly DIY independent venture.

The Roseline has had the good fortune of landing sync placements in indie movies and major network television shows such as ABC’s 'Nashville' and 'Resurrection', as well as USA’s 'Queen of the South', Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’, and MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’. The band's work has been featured on/in NPR, Pop Matters, American Songwriter, The Bluegrass Situation, Glide Magazine, and No Depression, among others. Halliburton also performs solo under The Roseline moniker and has embarked on two European tours thus far.  The band recently returned from their third tour in Scandinavia with help from Rootsy Music (who has also booked Scandinavian tours for Jason Isbell, American Aquarium, John Prine, Justin Townes Earle).

Their 8th LP, Keystone of the Heart, arrived February 2nd, 2024 and is arguably their most distilled, elegant, and emotionally resonant album of their career. Halliburton describes it as “a protest record which protests the dissolution of a marriage, the slog of existence in late stage capitalism, and grotesque hatred and violence.” While this certainly sounds clunky and heavy-handed, Halliburton knows when to inject some levity and humor. Songs which appear dour and grim in the early verses always seem to find some hope and light by their end. Keystone of the Heart offers pure aural aloe for troubled times.

UPDATE: The Roseline is set to release their first live album on July 19th, 2024. Recorded at their sold-out show at Moskus in Trondheim, Norway in March of 2024, the set features songs from four albums in their catalogue and is an honest document of them as a live band. It's raw and real and best of all it's FREE. For the true heads.