“Best Country of Bandcamp (Feb '24)” - Bandcamp

"...vivid, emotion-charged songwriting. Best New Music" - American Songwriter

“The Roseline produces minimalistic and windswept Americana indicative of their Heartland roots. There’s something more to their portfolio than another set of strong contributions to the alt-country scene.” – Pop Matters 

“Midwestern alt-country stalwarts… breezy, affectionate (and honest) blend of wit and melancholic twang” – No Depression

"Warm and dreamy Americana. Classic alt-country." - Glide Magazine 

"Colin Halliburton has cornered the market on power pop and Americana." - The Boot 

“9/10” - Americana-UK.com (United Kingdom)

“5/5” - Rockfarbror.se (Sweden)

"4 Stars ****" - Spill Magazine

"4 Stars ****" - Altcountry.nl (The Netherlands)

"a sparkling Americana jam." - Petal Motel

"#1 in the Top 120 Recordings of 2021" - Mark Manning; Wednesday Midday Medley 90.1 KKFI 

"hands down the best album of the year" - Fally Afani; explorelawrence.com

"Top 10 Albums of the Year" Tim Finn; InKC Magazine

"Album of the Year" - Steven Routledge; Rockin The Suburbs Podcast

"Album of the Year" - CJ Janovy; Kansas Reflector

"The Roseline’s 'Constancy' is a slice of pumpkin pie as imagined by a cutting edge chef." - Jason Earle; The Marinade podcast

"These lyrics are poetic and immense. The Roseline redefines their genre. It’s a fresh take on subtlety and magic." - Tuned Up

“(The Roseline) has taken the fabric of country music and painted a colorful Americana mix of pure front porch, pulling at your heart strings, sincere country gold.” – Nashville Music Guide  

“He’s a master storyteller that draws you in and leaves you hanging on every word until a song fades away as gently as it started… the lyrics are so vivid and relatable it’s difficult to not get lost in them.” – I Heart Local Music 

“Colin Halliburton distills the essence of Midwestern sincerity as the Roseline. The unassuming voice and gentle country-rock of the singer/songwriter reflects the rugged independence and understated graciousness associated with his home state of Kansas.” - Ink Magazine 

“It’s poetic country with sublime melodies and haunting vocals.” – Diamond Deposits 

"A gorgeous assortment of songs that occupy sprawling territory vaguely dubbed Americana. The Roseline have forged their path with sharp songwriting, a soft-edged country mellow burnished to produce a warm glow with pedal steel, pretty piano, and Colin Halliburton's sweet, expressive voice. These songs will transport you." -Present Magazine

"The Roseline have both emotion and depth. This is solid, smoky Americana." -John Mills, Happening Magazine 

“It’s kind of sick how good the band is… We highly endorse them.” -MTV2 Subterranean blog 

"Let me tell you, if you're a fan of the alt-country genre and you don't have this album in your collection then you should stop calling yourself a fan right now." - Parasite Gods

"The band's fourth release is their most fully realized, both sonically and lyrically. 'Townie' is both bleak and hopeful at once." -No Depression 

"4 stars ****" - altcountry.nl, rootstime.be, kindamusik.com 

Top 5 Albums of 2015 - Natalie Gallagher, Pitch Magazine